PITA Fiscal Year 2011 Projects

Facilities Management in 3D World

Lead University: Carnegie Mellon University
PI: Burcu Akinci, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Co-PI: James Garrett, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
PA Industry: Gannett Fleming Decision making in facilities operation and maintenance requires facility information created by various stakeholders during design and construction phases. The information is typically stored in many different file formats. An array of software applications are needed to access and maintain the information and therefore, causes the problem that the process of retrieving needed information becomes very time-consuming and error-prone. According to the research studies, lacking of interoperability costs about $10 billion per year in the U.S. Therefore, there is a need for an approach which is able to integrate the information from disparate sources. This proposed research project aims to address this problem by developing an approach to integrate building information models (BIM), geographic information system (GIS), and CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) databases to support the information required by FM decision makers. This research will classify the information requirements for planning facilities’ operations and management (O&M) tasks, investigate the existing data sources and the formats for representing the information, analyze the approaches to integrate the various data models, and develop algorithms to manage data, support various types of query, and visualize the needed information in 3D view. The proposed approach is able to support the information requirements for planning facility O&M tasks, enable various types of queries based on topological and spatiotemporal reasoning, and visualize the information in 3D view of the facilities from different levels of detail. The joint research team with Carnegie Mellon and Gannett Fleming will bring distinct expertise in GIS, BIM and facility operation domains to formalize, develop and test ways to integrate different data sources and visualize the data in 3D to support facility management tasks.