PITA Fiscal Year 2011 Projects

A Step Toward Personalized Medicine - A Device For The Continuous Monitoring Of Chemotherapy Drug Levels At The Bedside

Lead University: Carnegie Mellon University
PI: Alan Rosenbloom, ICES
PA Industry: Invivomon

Colon cancer continues to take lives despite careful screening with colonoscopy, treatment with surgery and radiation guided by high tech imaging such as PET scanning and MRI, and chemotherapy. In Pennsylvania, the incidence of this cancer was 8,353 cases per 100,000 population per year (National Institutes of Health, State Cancer Profiles, 2002-2006). This proposal addresses the toxic effects of chemotherapy which may include nausea, vomiting, weight loss, low blood counts and increased risk of infection. In some cases chemotherapy toxicity can be fatal by itself. Researchers have found that personalizing the chemotherapy doses can be done for each patient by taking multiple blood tests. Furthermore, this practice markedly reduced toxicity and may have improved response. However, in the real world of clinical practice, taking multiple blood tests, calculating and making dose changes for thousands of patients is not practical. This proposal seeks to develop an automated chemotherapy monitoring system that works through a simple I.V. This work will be done by collaboration between researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Invivomon, Inc., a company that specializes in creating biochemical monitoring systems that are wearable or implantable.