PITA Fiscal Year 2011 Projects

Lehigh Valley Nsf Stem Project: Widening The Pathways For Students To Pursue Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics Degrees, Middle School Through Ph.D

Lead University: Lehigh University
PI: Henry Odi, Office of Provost
Co-PI(s): Jennifer Swann, Department of Biological Sciences, Glenn Blank, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Susan Szczepanski, Dept of Mathematics, Terry Hart, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Lynn Columba, Dept of Instructional Technology
PA Industry: Air Products and Chemicals

This proposal is to continue The Lehigh Valley STEM Education through GK-12 Graduate Teaching Fellows project designed to put graduate (OEGs) and undergraduate college students in grades six through twelve classrooms where they will continue to assist to develop curricular materials and teach hands-on lessons on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Teachers, students, professors, and industry partners will continue to work together to develop real world applications that supplement each classroom's curriculum. The project will continue to pursue five primary objectives: to recruit and retain high quality Ph.D. candidates to Lehigh University, develop top-notch Ph.D. scientists and engineers who will lead their fields in university and industrial settings, continue to engender a sense of advocacy in Fellows for community service at the K-12 level, provide opportunities for K-12 teachers to develop professionally, and broaden the participation of K-20+ students, especially minorities and women, in STEM disciplines. The new component of this project will focus on dialogue of graduate students from cross disciplines to explore potential partnership with their research work.