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Dowd-ICES Fellowship Seminar

10/23/2013 3:00:00 PM - Singleton Room, Roberts Hall

On Wednesday, October 23, the College of Engineering with ICES will host a seminar to showcase the research of the 2012 and 2013 Dowd-ICES Fellows and the funded work of the 2012 Dowd Teaching Fellow. The program will take place in the Singleton Room, Roberts Hall from 3:00-5:00 p.m. with a reception immediately following.

This year's fellows will give brief presentations on their proposed research. Amy Dale (Engineering and Public Policy: EPP) will discuss "Integrated Nanomaterial Risk Modeling;" Pengfei Li (Mechanical Engineering: ME) will speak about "Thermophotovoltaic Solar Cells: Towards Fundamental Improvements of Solar-to-Electrical Conversion Efficiency;" Tong Lu (ME) will present on "A Tissue-Engineered Actuator Integrated with Conductive PDMS Electrodes;" and Hang-Ah Park (Materials Science and Engineering: MSE) will speak about "Novel Nano-Photochemical Cell with Spatially Separated Oxidation and Reduction Channels for Hydrogen Generation from Water under Visible Light."

In addition, last year's fellows will present their accomplished research. Amin Aghaei (Civil and Environmental Engineering: CEE) will discuss "Multiscale Molecular Simulations in Biological and Bio-Mimetic Membranes for Engineered Drug-Delivery;" Jennifer Hayden (Biomedical Engineering: BME) will speak about "Use of Hydrostatic Pressure to Achieve Hemostasis in Surgery;" Gagan Srivastava (ME) will present on "Smart Artificial Hip Surfaces that are Robust against Debris Contamination;" and Dinghuan Zhu (Electrical and Computer Engineering: ECE) will speak about "Multi-Timescale Control of Energy Storage Enabling the Integration of Renewable Consumption."

Finally, the 2012 Dowd Teaching Fellow and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Jeanne VanBriesen will present on her funded teaching research: "Water and Wastewater Treatment for Energy and Resource Recovery."

The Dowd-ICES graduate student fellowships are made possible by an endowment from Philip L. Dowd (B.S. Materials Science Engineering, 1963) and Marsha Dowd. Fellowships are awarded to support graduate students who are conducting cutting-edge research on projects for which traditional sources of funding may not be available.