Wearable Diagnostic and Health Devices
Networking Retreat - Agenda

October 28, 2014

Time Presentation Title Presenter
1:00pm Welcome and DHTI Overview Lynn Banaszak Brusco, MBA
Executive Director
Disruptive Health Technology Institute
1:10pm Networking Event Agenda and Introductions David Stager
Senior NREC Commercialization Specialist
National Robotics Engineering Center
Robotics Institute
1:40pm Thinking Outside Your Expertise - Five Considerations when Developing a Wearable Device Jason Hong, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Computer Science
Human Computer Interaction Institute
2:00pm Incentivizing the User - Games and Rewards can Help Incentivize End Users in Developing Product Loyalty and Appreciation Scott Stevens, PhD
Research Professor
The Entertainment and Technology Center
2:20pm Taking your Wearable Device to Market Three Blind Spots that Can Derail your Mobile Solution John Beck
Vice President Design
2:40pm Consumer Perspectives on Wearable Devices Natalie Sweeney
Vice President Design
Senior Business Innovations Strategy Consultant
3:00pm Coffee Break  
3:10pm Managing Hand Washing Behaviors in the Hospital Setting Using Wearable Systems Andrew Sahud, MD
Chief of Infection Prevention
Allegheny General Hospital
3:30pm Coaching and Monitoring Rehabilitation in the Home & Virtual Coach for Congestive Heart Failure Asim Smailagic, PhD
Research Professor
Institute for Complex Engineered Systems
College of Engineering
Director of Laboratory for Interactive Computer Systems and Wearable Computers
3:50pm Monitoring Parkinson's Disease with Wearables Ada Zhang
PhD Student
Robotics Institute
4:10pm Using EEG's to Measure Cognitive Health in Seniors Kai-min Chang, PhD
Research Associate (Special Faculty)
Language Technologies Institute
School of Computer Science
4:30pm Wearable Devices for Assistive Rehab & Low Cost Soft Wearable Devices for Prevention of Pressure Ulcers Yong-Lae Park, PhD
Assistant Professor
Robotics Institute
School of Computer Science
4:50pm Using Wearable Devices to Detect Stability and Prevent Falls in the Elderly Peter Gilgunn, PhD
Assistant Professor of Computer and Electrical Engineering
Microsystem Engineering for Life
5:10pm End of Presentations Day 1  
6:00pm Networking Activity – Wine tasting session (optional)
7:00pm Dinner  
7:30pm Presentation Jonathan Farringdon
Director of Analytics, Jawbone

October 29, 2014

Time Presentation Title Presenter
7:30am Breakfast  
8:00am Quantifying Mental Health Issues and Thoughts on How to Integrate Wearable Diagnostic Devices P. V. Nickell, MD
System Chair, Department of Psychiatry
Associate Professor
Temple University School of Medicine
8:20am Decision Support and Monitoring at Home and Away John Zimmerman, MDes
Associate Professor
School of Design
Human Computer Interaction Institute
8:40am Measurable Aspects of the Heart and Concept Applications for Wearable Devices Emerson Liu, MD
Division of Cardiology
Cardiac Electrophysiology
Allegheny General Hospital
9:00am Improving Mobility for the Visually Impaired Pulkit Grover, PhD
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Center for Neural Basis of Cognition
9:20am Coffee Break  
9:30am Strategic Discussion for CMU within the Medical Wearable Space: Extracting Value from the Networking Seminar on Wearable Health and Diagnostic Devices Alan J. Russell, PhD
Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Vice President
Allegheny Health Network
Highmark Distinguished Career Professor and Director, Disruptive Health Technology Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
9:50am Formation of Simon Initiative and the InMind Project Justine Cassell, PhD
Associate Vice-Provost for Technology Strategy and Impact
Carnegie Mellon University
10:10am Discussion Groups  
11:30am Plenary Presentations and Discussions
12:30pm Working Lunch and Agreed Action Plan
1:00pm End of Seminar  

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