Philosophy & Approach

To achieve our goals, monthly lunch meetings are organized by students in which PhD’s from industry and representatives from other regional groups with similar initiatives can have an informal conversation about relevant topics. By retaining a department specific identity (e.g. Materials Science and Engineering) and allowing the students to organize the meetings and select the visitors, these meetings can be tailored to the current needs and interests of the students to maximize their effectiveness. Publicity for the group will be achieved and important information gathered by students will be disseminated on a wider scale primarily through a website that is maintained by the group with the assistance of ICES/PITA.

PhD students are in a unique situation and have many demands on their time making it very difficult to balance coursework, research, and family issues. As a result, we have spent a great deal of effort to organize this group in such a way that it is beneficial to the students involved without being a burden. To assist other universities and departments in reproducing this group for the benefit of their own students, we have collated our thoughts on the important issues that must be addressed. We have also provided information about how we have attempted to deal with these issues in our own group.