CrossLink's Goals

CrossLink is an engineering graduate student group at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) that was developed with the assistance of funding provided by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure and Technology Alliance (PITA) and the Institute for Complex Engineered Systems (ICES). This group was developed such that it can be reproduced in other Pennsylvania universities and it aims to address important professional development needs of PhD students while simultaneously promoting regional development of the Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania Region in industries employing engineering PhD students. The stated goals of the group include:

  1. Promote networking between CMU engineering PhD students and Pittsburgh / Western Pennsylvania industry throughout their graduate studies.

  2. Educate interested CMU PhD students about regional opportunities in the Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania Region while in graduate school.

  3. Provide a mechanism for engineering PhD students to search effectively for post-graduation opportunities in the Pittsburgh / Western Pennsylvania Region.

  4. Publicize the willingness of CMU engineering PhD students to remain in the Pittsburgh / Western Pennsylvania Region after graduation if suitable employment opportunities exist.

  5. Interact with existing regional development initiatives having similar goals in order to provide the current “PhD Student” perspective in order to make their efforts more effective.

  6. Encourage student consideration of potential career opportunities throughout their time in graduate school.