Work with CenSCIR

CenSCIR is always looking for new partners. Partnership with CenSCIR could provide your organization with early access to research, collaborative research projects, recruiting opportunities, event and research branding opportunities and much more. Below are just a few of the ways that organizations can become involved.

  • Sponsor a research project
  • Collaborate and work on a research project
  • Join our Industrial Affiliates program
  • Host an internship
  • Donate hardware or services to “Sensor Andrew”
  • Donate hardware or services to other ongoing research projects
  • Provide “testbeds” for research
  • Leverage other research projects, and other funding mechanisms
  • Become a partner on a joint proposal


If you would like more information about working with CenSCIR, please contact Matt Sanfilippo at (412) 268-8859 or by e-mail at