Matthew Sanfilippo — CenSCIR Executive Director
Matthew Sanfilippo Matthew Sanfilippo

Executive Director of CenSCIR,
Co-Associate Director of PITA

Phone: 412-268-8859
Fax: 412-268-5229

1201F Hamburg Hall
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Prior to his appointment as the Executive Director of CenSCIR and Co-Associate Director of PITA, Matthew was Director of Applied Technology for Michael Baker Corporation, working primarily with government, but also industrial, clients. Before joining Baker, Matthew was Innovation Director for a venture capital/operating company, Redleaf Group, managing technical due diligence for seed-stage investments and coordinated relationships between Redleaf and their partner companies after investment. Matthew brings a unique mixture of experience in his role as liaison and sees his role as executive director as helping to “define, refine, and focus the vision of CenSCIR under ICES.” He is enthusiastic about the collaborative atmosphere at ICES and is amazed at how much is going on already with CenSCIR “right out of the gate.”

Matthew is currently vice chairman of the board for the Botanic Garden of Western Pennsylvania, a board member of the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation (PHLF), and a member of the Information Sciences and Technology Advisory Board for the Pennsylvania State University, Beaver. He is a registered Professional Geologist (PG) in the state of Pennsylvania and has been active in environmental projects throughout the country. Matthew loves history and is a woodworker as a hobbyist. He is married with two small children, and enjoys working with his son in his wood shop.