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Asim Smailagic, Ph.D.

Asim Smailagic photo
  • Director of LINCS (Laboratory for Interactive Computer Systems)
    Mailing Address
  • 1217 Hamburg Hall
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • 5000 Forbes Avenue
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Under the LINCS directorship of Dr. Asim Smailagic, three prestigious international design awards have been received for their visionary designs: VuMan 3, MoCCA and Digital Ink. The LINCS lab which includes the Wearable Computers Lab and The Interaction Design Studio has over the last decade collaborated in designing and prototyping more than 20 generations of wearable computers, which have become cornerstones of the wearable computing field. By applying and refining their rapid prototyping methodology, these labs have introduced wearable computers in a number of previously untried application areas. Maintenance and inspection, augmented manufacturing, real-time speech translation, navigation, context aware computing, and group collaboration have all been explored using wearable computers, and a variety of engineering research has been performed to understand the principles underlying these designs.